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We Have Gone Green

For many years we have experimented with waterborne products and resins.  We have always liked the way those products last and the way they look and feel.  Our concern was that there was a significant learning curve associated with these products and they dry much slower.  mountainmadnessTwo years ago we started using a water-based primer because it was actually much better than our solvent based primer.  This was the beginning of the end for our solvent line of products.   We thought…”if this water-based primer is so much better, then we should find finishes that are water-based as well”.

It turns out that because of the environmental and health related issues concerning solvent-based products,  the government has been recommending water-based products for years.  California manufacturing companies and cabinet shops now are required to use water-based products.  We feel that it is only a matter of time before these regulations will be everywhere.   So we must look to the future and embrace the industry’s new environmentally friendly products.  We are happy to introduce these to our clients starting in October 2016.

We still have available the tried and tested solvent bourne systems as well.



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